A winter getaway

A getaway from the pressures of life,
a time to take in the splendour
of nature’s ever-lively presents:
the bubbling of frogs in the long grass beneath,
the subtle tweeting of birds,
the psithurism of the trees’ worship –
swaying ever so gently
by the permission of their Lord. Continue reading


When I was very young, I was always afraid of the water. At the beach, I’d cling to my father – fearing the waves would wash me away into the endless ocean, never to be found again…even though we’d only stand in shallow waters. Then came my school days, where swimming was a regular activity for our Physical Education (PE) class. I’d be terrified – always getting special concession to hold the side of the pool, using that wall as my crutch to go a little at a time…never confident that I could make it by myself. The safety net was always nearby. Continue reading