Random life stories: The day I could have died

My instinct – borne out of years of hiding from my older brother when we’d fight – was to duck down between the front passenger seat and my own seat. Having been one of the smallest in my class for most of my life, I’m grateful that I was still small enough to fit in that little space. I didn’t know if that position was going to save me from what might follow. I didn’t think at all. It just kicked in – that reaction. I curled up to hide. Continue reading

Going beyond…

Have you ever felt so consumed by something that it sometimes feels like it takes over your identity? You can’t remember the feelings of being free of it…what life felt like before it took centre stage and dominated your world. Continue reading

Behind the Book: Part 6 – Don’t dream it’s over

I really felt like giving up. Life’s challenges were overwhelming me at the time, and this book had turned into a burden I could do without. It was a weight I’d carried for three years, and it seemed irrelevant at that point – when I had so many other ‘real-life’ problems to deal with. I was deflated.

This passion project – the dream of having a book out – was an unnecessary luxury. Something I didn’t have the time nor energy for, given my circumstances. Continue reading

Behind the Book: Part 5 – Making things happen

With a firm decision to self-publish, I wanted to start building momentum – both with an audience and within myself. I started posting individual pieces on my blog in September 2018. I included backstory to each piece – which was to be an unusual feature of the book.

I also found a few people to read the draft copy and give feedback, before finally stopping for the year. Continue reading

Behind the Book: Part 3 – Things fall apart

After a positive initial assessment from a professional in the publishing field, I had recruited an old acquaintance – who was a talented typesetter and book designer – to help turn this dream into a reality. However, because there was almost no budget at that point, she was taking it on as a favour – which inevitably meant the project was low on her list of priorities. I thought I was fine with that…and initially, I was. Continue reading