Indulgence impulse

The following is a true story: I pigged out last night – and I’m ashamed. After supper, I had a piece of Cadbury Fudge chocolate. The taste wasn’t what I was craving, so I had a marshmallow. That should have been enough – but it wasn’t. The baby was being put to sleep, and there … More Indulgence impulse

Cup of disappointment

It was supposed to be spectacular. A football feast that drew the best in the world. One month of awesome talent on display – and all on the African continent, despite the reservations of many; and the phantom terrorist threats that others so boldly claimed. I speak, of course, of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, … More Cup of disappointment

Cartoons and Freedom of Expression

As many of you will know, there’s currently a furore around South African cartoonist Zapiro’s depiction of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The South African Muslim leadership has united in condemning the incident; as well as strongly discouraging the community from reacting violently – because we cannot defend our Prophet by acting in … More Cartoons and Freedom of Expression

The Beg Issue

Most – probably all of us – have seen them. Hanging out at the traffic lights; waiting near the shops; collapsed in despair in some shoddy, makeshift home of cardboard and paper. They ask you for small change – a few cents, sometimes a bigger amount. Sometimes they want food. Sometimes a job. And many … More The Beg Issue

Let’s eat…

Earlier this year, I picked up a newspaper by Port Elizabeth-based group Mujlisul Ulama (a.k.a. The Majlis), which went into some depth about the problems with the Halaal certification of certain meats in South Africa and internationally. While I grossly disagree with the manner in which this group attack those who they feel are in … More Let’s eat…

The right to choose

With the recent American elections, it seems politics is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. Locally, we’ve got our own political hype over the split of the ruling party. And with voter registration happening this weekend, it brings into question the political involvement of Muslims locally – whether political candidates or ordinary … More The right to choose