Why so serious?

Yes, it’s a pretty grim time for us all…but we can’t be serious all the time. Laughter is the best medicine, and this crisis has – thankfully – brought some of that, at least.

If you’re not inclined towards the humour, please don’t read on… I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

For everyone else, though… Continue reading

The Playtime Council Sleepover

The Playtime Council – previously pictured here – recently held a sleepover. Unfortunately, Abdurahman has disappeared, and so has Honest. (We hope Honest hasn’t been captured by those darn teddy poachers.) Ethan is, as always, away on a secret mission. In fact, he hasn’t been back in a very long time. Perhaps it’s time for HQ to reel him back in…

Pictured here are Chairman Pooh, along with Discovery® Bear – who may be joining the council. Discovery Bear was a gift from Discovery, the medical aid, when the baby was born. He entertains us much, but his one weakness is that he’s usually trying to get us to join Discovery’s “Vitality” scheme. A true sales bear, he never gives up – even though he’s been warned numerous times to stop advertising.

This particular night, Toddles (a.k.a. our baby) decided to put the two of them to bed. Pooh had a bit of a vomiting problem (hence the bib); while Discovery Bear had trouble at the other end (hence the nappy). But in this shot, both are primed and ready for bed – after finishing off the night’s playtime exertions. (Toddles was already asleep – so she isn’t in this shot).

Story time :)

Once upon a time, there was a man – carefree as can be – walking down the street, minding his own business….



when suddenly


he was accosted by a not-so-dangerous puppy!


Unfortunately, before he could see that the dog meant no harm (how could a cute little puppy-wuppy hurt a big old man like him? :)) , he was already scared and jumped into the nearest car he could find:



But the former owner of the car caught up with him, and wasn’t happy…



…so he prepared to take revenge:



Wanting to preserve his life, the man once again did what came naturally:



But he was stopped by a sign



His pursuer, though, was still…..well……in pursuit, so the man decided – since he had to slow down anyway – he may as well be quiet as well. With this in mind, he


tiptoed down to



His pursuer – still in pursuit – wasn’t one for stairs or walking, but his preferences couldn’t be accomodated: he was slowed down by the threat of a power failure



Nevertheless, he had become even fiercer, and was determined to catch the now not-so-carefree man who had tried to make off with his beloved (former) vehicle


So the man, even more terrified at this point, decided he had to hide. But the hiding places he found were alarmingly conspicuous

11-door.jpg 12-offices.jpg


So he made a run for the toilets, choosing the less obvious option



Unforunately, his move was anticipated, and he was stopped in his tracks:




what happens next? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out later….