The Memory of Here and Now

It’s a gift wrapped in a tragedy. Because you are an older Dad – past the half- century mark when the oldest was born – and that clock is ticking ticking ticking. Your time with them is limited. Each minute becomes an hour and each hour a day. You look at them sometimes, full of youth, playing and laughing, and you try to freeze it there – right there. Make the moment hang in the air, suspended. Devote it to memory. Lock it in place. Continue reading

These Mountains

A lot can happen in a year. And when we think about all the hours and days and weeks we spent in anguish, especially these past few months, was it worth it? Is it worth it?

We talk about freedom as a construct indicating our capacity to move around and make decisions. But what happens when that’s taken away from us and there’s no recourse or alternatives? No plan B. No contingency. Continue reading

Lost in History

When we become History,
when they ink select stories into immortality,
when the air we breathe
turns the word they read,
when today’s sky falls into tomorrow’s headline,
when the sifting and picking at our present reality
leaves none but easily swallowed summary;
as each day we lay the roots of trees,
time’s axe may cut down
the less desirable saplings,
sunshine may only beam
on the leaves most beautiful.

When we become History,
what will be remembered? Continue reading

Corona Times launched: get the free book here

As previously mentioned, a colleague and I have spent the past 2 months putting together a collection of pandemic-inspired writing – which will hopefully be an important artefact of this period. This book aims to give future readers insights into … Continue reading

Words from the Pandemic: a call for COVID-inspired writing

Seeking poetry, reflections, and other writing for a COVID-inspired publication. If you've got something to share, contact us on the details below. email: instagram: This is not a paid opportunity.

If, in these past few months, you’ve written something meaningful related to COVID 19 – be it poetry, prose, or anything else – please consider submitting it to this forthcoming publication, which aims to record the experiences, reflections, and words of wisdom from writers around the world. Continue reading