Reminder – Isra and Mi’raj (for dummies)

In honour of tonight’s blessed occasion of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’s miraculous night journey and ascension (Isra and Mi’raj), masjids worldwide will commemorate it by holding a special programme. Remember that there are no special acts of worship specified for this occasion – so take what benefit you can from those programmes, but don’t let yourself … More Reminder – Isra and Mi’raj (for dummies)

Strangers arriving in South Africa

The MSA of the Cape has teamed up with several organisations to bring “The Strangers Tour” to South Africa. This internationally-renowned variety show boasts the talents of Muslim comedian Baba Ali (USA), award-winning poet Boonaa Mohammed (Canada), and popular scholar Navaid Aziz (Canada). The event – which takes a refreshing look at Muslim life and … More Strangers arriving in South Africa


First life I was a latecomer to Islam. No – I didn’t convert into the religion. I was born a Muslim, but for most of my life growing up, I wasn’t really one – not the way I should have been, at least. I lacked the proper understanding, knowledge, and, most of all, commitment to … More Rebirth

Until November…

As mentioned in my last post, I’ll be going for Hajj very soon insha-Allah. And that means that I won’t be posting until at least late November. So until then, I wanted to leave you with something that I hope would be of benefit. Many of you may not be fortunate enough to go on … More Until November…

Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2011: Striking the Balance

Terms like “balanced”, “moderation”, and “middle path” are often associated with the ideal of Islam. Muslims are meant to be a ‘middle nation’ between extremes, yet in today’s times, with increasing fragmentation among the ummah and different groups taking their views as the only ‘correct’ way – it’s hard to see how this balance is … More Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2011: Striking the Balance