Salaams everyone, and I hope you’re well. As you may have heard, Dreamlife has a Dreamlady, and they’ve been married nearly three weeks 🙂 . So, in the spirit of well wishes and many, many pieces of advice that were passed on to me since this all began, I’d like to share some gems which … More Reminders


When did life get this complicated? When did the innocence and ignorance and bliss of childhood depart? How is it that grown-up stuff, responsibilities, duties, mature expectations, are all second nature now? How did everything become so serious? When did carefree summer days, of playing in the yard, being fed, sitting on my auntie’s lap … More Childhood


To every soul still searching for their companion, a sincere dedication: to your strength, your patience, your faith. Maybe you’ve been on this quest longer than you think you can bear; Or maybe you’re just starting out – early days, in an early daze, hoping your Prince or Princess will appear very soon. Wherever you … More Dedication