My precious

Solitude. Seclusion. Divorce from the stresses and rigours of life, with an escape to the true reality of existence. Moments that are so rare, yet so precious. Moments that you need to force yourself into, because if you don’t push for them, you simply won’t get them. I speak, here, of i’tikaaf – the voluntary seclusion in … More My precious

Winter Sun

Winter sun How I miss you now. When days are filled With work, work, and more work. I first got to know you in very different times Paradoxical in that they were the dark days of my life yet your warmth brightened my heart and radiated through me – giving me peaceful interludes in an … More Winter Sun

Summer Daze

The last day of the year, in the heart of a South African summer. I’m at work now (sadly), but this time of year brings back fleeting memories of childhood summers gone by: Hours and hours in the back yard playing soccer and cricket; Still more hours and hours on the tennis courts, pushing ourselves … More Summer Daze

Second time around

Where this blog stands right now If you’ve followed this blog for the last few years, you’ll notice that my focus – since late 2011 – has almost completely been on Hajj-related topics. This was a change from the blog’s first 5 years, wherein the content was a lot more varied. Obviously, the change in … More Second time around

Ramadan ramblings

This month is usually one of great inspiration for me. In previous years, the words have overflowed on these pages each Ramadan – both in reflective postings as well as practical advices. But this year is different. I find myself being stifled by both time and circumstance; unable to bring forth even a shadow of … More Ramadan ramblings