It’s been 15 years, 586 posts, and 1358 comments

On June 2nd, 2006, this blog was born. Back then, blogs were popular, social media was virtually non-existent, and people poured themselves into the posts they wrote, along with the comments they left in lively discussions attached to blog posts.

15 years later, those days are long gone, and other mediums have taken the thunder from the blogosphere (as it was affectionately known back then). Continue reading

When the world changed

It’s been strange – being almost totally confined to the home environment, leaving only for essential purposes. I would consider myself a homebody, so this wouldn’t usually be an issue. But when it’s forced on you, human nature dictates that you want to rebel, because you want to do things by choice and not compulsion. Continue reading

Yearning to return

Sometimes, it all feels like a dream. Like none of this is real. Just a few weeks ago, life was normal…things operated as they always had. I could never have imagined that this would be the reality I lived to see…a time akin to a World War, where the entire planet is threatened by a global challenge.

Yet this is reality. This is what I…you…every human being…is facing.

We have no control over the situation. All we have control of – hopefully – is how we respond. Continue reading