When the world changed

It’s been strange – being almost totally confined to the home environment, leaving only for essential purposes. I would consider myself a homebody, so this wouldn’t usually be an issue. But when it’s forced on you, human nature dictates that you want to rebel, because you want to do things by choice and not compulsion. Continue reading

Yearning to return

Sometimes, it all feels like a dream. Like none of this is real. Just a few weeks ago, life was normal…things operated as they always had. I could never have imagined that this would be the reality I lived to see…a time akin to a World War, where the entire planet is threatened by a global challenge.

Yet this is reality. This is what I…you…every human being…is facing.

We have no control over the situation. All we have control of – hopefully – is how we respond. Continue reading


After an extended and varied holiday, I’ve been back in the ‘real world’ for two weeks now: Back at work. Kids back at school. Back to the usual flood of never-ending life admin and things to do. But things haven’t … Continue reading

The puzzle: birthday reflections from a tired soul

I’m writing this in a dark room – the lights are off because I’m hiding from my 5-year old. She had an afternoon nap…a power nap at the worst possible time…which means she’s full of energy now. Nobody else shares that verve, so she’s alone. She wandered in here – looking for attention – and I feigned sleep, because the second she sees me awake, she’ll want to play. Or eat (she does that a lot). Or make some or other demand. Which I’m usually happy to oblige…but not at this hour. Not when all I want is some time to reflect and write. Continue reading

The rollercoaster that was 2017

It’s been an eventful year. One in which I’ve found myself, I suspect, truly depressed on a number of occasions. I don’t think I’ve fallen into that feeling too much in the past 10 years, but, more often than I would have liked, the challenges of 2017 pushed me into that pool of wallowing in negativity. Continue reading

Makkan Memories…and the future of me

Hajj collage

I think of how my own life has changed in these six years.

When we got back, the desire to “live my Hajj” meant staying highly spiritual: worshipping a lot; being beautiful in character; and just living a good, clean life.

Six years later, my feeling is that that’s not what it means to live our Hajj. At least not for me. Maybe because I’ve failed miserably by my own initial definition. Continue reading