The Playtime Council: Snip snip

Toddles is fond of her scissors. Unfortunately, Baby Duck was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Baby Duck was orphaned a year ago when Toddles left his father at someone’s house. Now, he faces the challenge of life without a beak. Alone and silenced – how will his story end? Will he rise above the challenges? Or will he fail and fall into despair?

Only time will tell…

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The Playtime Council: Time to Potty

In solidarity with Toddles’ recent venture into the world of potty training,some of the Playtime Council decided to give the strange new plastic contraption a go as well. Click the first image to go through the slideshow – or just select the ones you want to see individually.

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The Playtime Council: It’s a little crowded

One day, Chairman Pooh decided to take the council members out for a ride. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the council had only one vehicle. But since this is South Africa, the spirit of South Africa’s urban taxi industry kicked in, and everyone got a seat – as pictured below:

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The Playtime Council: Happily Ever After…

Not long after Discovery Bear and Ms Froggie’s union, it was the turn of Discovery Bear’s best friend – Chariman Pooh. Having been divorced for some time, Pooh was a lonely bear; yet he was optimistic, and always kept a smile on his face.


Stephanie, who was a late arrival to Playtime HQ, was also single – after having lost her husband in a freak accident a few years earlier.


A mutual acquaintance introduced them, and soon – after realising they were perfect for each other – they committed to the ultimate union: to be bear-husband and bear-wife, for the remainder of this life.


One of the main factors in their compatibility was the fact that both had kids from their previous marriages.


And so, they took it step by step, day by day; a fresh start over – a different hand to play. They knew that the deeper they’d fall, the stronger they’d stay – and they hoped to make it better the second time around.

The Playtime Council: Love is in the air

Meet Discovery Bear – a bachelor and sales executive for a large medical aid company.

Meet Ms Froggie – a single, carefree girl with an eye for adventure and all things pond-like.

The two met, found they were compatible, and decided to get hitched (with Ms Froggie’s father’s permission, of course).

Awwww….don’t they make a cute couple? Discovery Bear finally met his match, and he’s been happy ever since.

But in case you’re thinking of snatching him away from his new bride – think again. Mrs Froggie won’t have any of that. She’s very possessive, and won’t hesitate to introduce you to the slimy side of the pond – if you mess with her man.