Rise, Rise.
The dawning of a new day.
Suburbs lay quiet,
resting under the blanket of morning clouds,
only the treetops and buildings remain visible.

Early flights begin slowly:
Birds alone; birds in flocks.
People in flocks,
gathered in the single, man-made vehicle of flight. Continue reading


When I was very young, I was always afraid of the water. At the beach, I’d cling to my father – fearing the waves would wash me away into the endless ocean, never to be found again…even though we’d only stand in shallow waters. Then came my school days, where swimming was a regular activity for our Physical Education (PE) class. I’d be terrified – always getting special concession to hold the side of the pool, using that wall as my crutch to go a little at a time…never confident that I could make it by myself. The safety net was always nearby. Continue reading

One year book anniversary (and a freebie for you) – updated

Front cover

*Updated with link to a Google form, as I received a report that the email link wasn’t working* Almost a year ago, I released the electronic edition of Let it Flow – a ‘best-of’ anthology collecting what I considered my most meaningful poetry and reflections from the previous fourteen years of writing. This November, I’m giving it away for free – if you’d care to answer a few questions. Continue reading

Let it Flow: The Life to Come

Once upon a time,
there was a boy who lived all alone.
Up on the 3rd floor,
where the space and time was his own.

But despite his freedom,
the boy lived in a prison:
a set of routines, habits, and permanent preferences
– things he held himself to –
walls of the invisible cage
that had sprung up around him over the years. Continue reading

Let it Flow: Mash

Before I move on,
let me remember the feeling
of being submerged in the biggest part of my planet;
Wave after wave,
gentle and rough,
smoothly-contoured and wildly spread;
Jumping into,
facing head on,
and turning my back;
Being moved by the never-ending forces of push and pull,
so vastly spread in oceans off every land mass in existence. Continue reading

Let it Flow: available for 99c this coming week (maybe even free)

Front cover

In celebration of World Poetry Day (21st March), and in light of the isolation many people find themselves in at this moment, the electronic version of my book – Let it Flow – will be available for just 99c* on Amazon Kindle for one week, starting Tuesday 24th March 2020. (It may even be free!) Continue reading