Behind the Book: Part 6 – Don’t dream it’s over

I really felt like giving up. Life’s challenges were overwhelming me at the time, and this book had turned into a burden I could do without. It was a weight I’d carried for three years, and it seemed irrelevant at that point – when I had so many other ‘real-life’ problems to deal with. I was deflated.

This passion project – the dream of having a book out – was an unnecessary luxury. Something I didn’t have the time nor energy for, given my circumstances. Continue reading

Behind the Book: Part 5 – Making things happen

With a firm decision to self-publish, I wanted to start building momentum – both with an audience and within myself. I started posting individual pieces on my blog in September 2018. I included backstory to each piece – which was to be an unusual feature of the book.

I also found a few people to read the draft copy and give feedback, before finally stopping for the year. Continue reading

Behind the Book: Part 3 – Things fall apart

After a positive initial assessment from a professional in the publishing field, I had recruited an old acquaintance – who was a talented typesetter and book designer – to help turn this dream into a reality. However, because there was almost no budget at that point, she was taking it on as a favour – which inevitably meant the project was low on her list of priorities. I thought I was fine with that…and initially, I was. Continue reading