“Just as the most beautiful rainbows are born from rain, the most beautiful lessons are born from trials and pain.” (Quote source unknown, but posted here. Image is a painting which can be purchased here.)

Watch what you say

As a reminder to watch what we say, I thought I’d put up a collection of Islamic quotes and more with regard to backbiting. It has been covered before, but we can never get too many reminders when it comes to matters of  such importance. I hope these serve as reminders to us all about … More Watch what you say

What they said

These are some quotes I’ve enjoyed over the last few years. Some are credited to the person who said it, and I don’t know about the others. If you do, let me know please: On Love “Love is not about looking into each other’s eyes, but about looking together in the same direction.” “Lovers don’t … More What they said