Rise, Rise.
The dawning of a new day.
Suburbs lay quiet,
resting under the blanket of morning clouds,
only the treetops and buildings remain visible.

Early flights begin slowly:
Birds alone; birds in flocks.
People in flocks,
gathered in the single, man-made vehicle of flight. Continue reading


When I was very young, I was always afraid of the water. At the beach, I’d cling to my father – fearing the waves would wash me away into the endless ocean, never to be found again…even though we’d only stand in shallow waters. Then came my school days, where swimming was a regular activity for our Physical Education (PE) class. I’d be terrified – always getting special concession to hold the side of the pool, using that wall as my crutch to go a little at a time…never confident that I could make it by myself. The safety net was always nearby. Continue reading

Comparison is the thief of joy

I recently thought about the people who were in my virtual circle 15 years ago, when I started blogging back 2006. I recounted their achievements: a good few have done amazing things in the literary world; some became prominent in academia; and others have done well in media. My first instinct was to compare myself to them. Thinking of what they’ve achieved in these 15 years, and immediately feeling less…without actually taking the time to think of what I have done. Continue reading

Stream of Memories

I remember rays of sunlight, streaming through the windows at my grandmother’s house when I was very small. The sun would send dust which would swirl in the light – a vision of beauty at such a young age. I also thought that the sun would sometimes dim – by itself – before brightening again, oblivious to the fact that passing clouds actually caused this phenomenon. Continue reading

The Drop

A single drop sits on my window, surrounded by many others, as the rain lashes down on this Winter morning. I want to take in this moment. Be still. Be present. Empty my mind completely. No reflections on anything, nor thoughts of the human world that will enter my consciousness when I leave this seat. I want to just stop and focus on this one, physical entity in front of me: this drop on my window… Continue reading

When the world changed

It’s been strange – being almost totally confined to the home environment, leaving only for essential purposes. I would consider myself a homebody, so this wouldn’t usually be an issue. But when it’s forced on you, human nature dictates that you want to rebel, because you want to do things by choice and not compulsion. Continue reading