Glimpses from Makkah

A collection of a few shots from Masjid-al Haram in Makkah. (You can view the gallery by clicking, or for larger versions, right click the shot you want and open it in a new tab / window). Sources: Pictures 1,2, and 6 are from other people, but 3, 4, 5 are mine.

Up North (Part 2)

Since the previous set focussed on nature, this one is concentrated on civilisation, for the most part. A replica of an old Western House in Heritage Park, Calgary (Canada). The main street in an Alaskan town. Such gorgeous flower displays are commonly found in Alaska. But Rudolph wouldn’t like to see his buddy in captivity. … More Up North (Part 2)

Up North (Part 1)

Winter has departed, and I hope everyone is having a beautiful Spring – whatever part of the country you’re in. After a long break, I’m pleased to be updating the blog once more. These pictures are the first in a series, capturing some of the amazing scenery from my recent holiday in Canada and Alaska. … More Up North (Part 1)

Part 3

But this time, there’s no buildings…it’s just nature, pure, simple and amazing 🙂  . .          

Holidaze (part 1)

Some pictures from my recent holiday. Part 1 comes from New York: . . This is one of my favourites – I was trying to get some nice shots of the streets – the rows (kind of like the previous post “Tunnel Vision” – that concept), and this one nicely captures it. . .   A street in … More Holidaze (part 1)