Corona Times

In mid-2020, a colleague and I put together a collection of writing inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequence lockdowns.

The Coronavirus has plunged humanity into global turmoil not seen in modern history. The virus will pass, though, and these days will eventually fade from memory. But what will be recorded of this time? Infection statistics, death tolls, and economic and political happenings will no doubt be written into history. But this period has been so much more. So much more that must be preserved and appreciated – both for ourselves and our future generations.

Corona Times: Words from the Pandemic aims to document a slice of this living reality, capturing the thoughts of a range of writers during the pandemic’s early months. The collection features contributions from prominent South African writers Iain S. Thomas, Saaleha Idrees Bamjee, and Shubnum Khan, along with poems and reflections from writers based elsewhere – including Kitty O’Meara, whose “And the People Stayed Home…” touched so many lives early in the pandemic.

From bewilderment, sadness, and loss of life, to hope, positive change, and appreciation of the little things, this collection hopes to provide readers with comfort and perspective amid the chaos.

The e-book is provided completely free of charge and may not be sold. Please share it with anyone who may enjoy it.

You can either download the PDF or read the book online. It’s also available (free) as e-book on the Google Play Store.

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Alternatively,  here are snippets from some of the pieces: