Vicissitudes of life

It’s been a challenging period of late, with illness, stress, and the burdens of life weighing heavily on me. I’m not complaining, though, because my struggles are miniscule in comparison to millions of others on this planet. People who suffer and persevere through the most cruel of circumstances, day after day. As a resident on… More Vicissitudes of life

Sights of 2015

Apologies for the poor quality of pictures. I realise I need a phone with a much better camera, so…donations are most welcome😉   PS: I’ve updated the look of this blog…for the first time in over 7 years! Let me know what you think of the new theme.

Halfway to Seventy

Today is my birthday. I’m now thirty five. It’s a big number, but really, inconsequential to me at this time. Looking back, when I was small, my physical resistance to fruit and vegetables had me thinking that I’d be dead by 21. Parents, or others, probably tried to scare me into eating fruits with such… More Halfway to Seventy

When giants fall

He was 46 years old. A well-known, well-respected religious figure in our community. A man blessed with a love of the Quran – no doubt instilled into him by his father and the Quran-centric environment he had growing up. He was a hafidth, renowned qari, and teacher of Quran. He had established an Islamic school… More When giants fall