10 tips for surviving Disney World (for Muslims too)

With the Northern hemisphere Summer in full swing, many around the world will be heading to Disney World (Orlando) for what will be an amazing holiday – especially for the kids.

We were fortunate to visit last December, so here follows what I hope will be some helpful tips – especially for Muslim travellers. Continue reading

Leaving for Hajj soon? Download these tipsheets

With this year’s Hajj fast approaching, those who are going can find it hectic getting logistical stuff sorted out, making the social arrangements for departure (the greetings etc before leaving), and – most importantly – their own personal mental and spiritual preparation.

What follows is a compilation of tips and lessons extracted from my own Hajj experience – which I hope will be of benefit to those making the journey of a lifetime this year. Continue reading

No likes…just genuine feedback

No Likes allowed

One of the most gratifying parts of the creative process is when the audience shares genuine feedback on what that particular piece has done for them.

Unfortunately, the plague of the “Like” has robbed many works of getting meaningful comment. It’s far easier for a reader to tap a thumbs up / star, then keep scrolling to the next item in their feed. Continue reading

The birth of a book

For those who have been here a while, you’ll know that I’ve been working on my book for a number of years – an anthology of what I consider my most meaningful creative pieces (poetry and prose) since I started writing 15-odd years ago.

It’s been quite a journey so far, and after many, many revisions, a lost typographer along the way, and some delving into the world of cover design, I’ve finally completed what I hope will be the final document. Continue reading