Call on Him

This Ramadan, the recurring theme for me and my family has been dua: supplication; calling on Allah. Mufti Menk often says that whatever message reaches you (whether that be something you heard or saw) – it’s meant for you. Don’t take it as some general advice to the masses. Allah specifically chose that message to… More Call on Him

Winter Sun

Winter sun How I miss you now. When days are filled With work, work, and more work. I first got to know you in very different times Paradoxical in that they were the dark days of my life yet your warmth brightened my heart and radiated through me – giving me peaceful interludes in an… More Winter Sun

Get ready….

With Ramadan almost here, it’s a good time (even if a bit late) to start planning how we’ll spend the month. In the video below, brother Nouman Ali Khan gives some critical advice for preparing. Even if you’re not able to follow it all, try to implement some of it. Also on the topic, here… More Get ready….

London Calling

I’ve been fortunate to have visited London many times in my life. In the space of 16 years, I probably went about 8 times. The last of those times was 2007, and this Easter, we had a family holiday there – which was an awesome and valuable experience that I’ve been reflecting on recently. Things… More London Calling


The piece below was written by a blogger called Maliha, whose work was really inspiring for me in my early years of blogging. Sadly, her blog ( is now either offline or just innaccessible. Regardless, please enjoy and ponder upon this particular writing, which made a big impact on me at a rough stage of… More Surrender

Leaving for Hajj soon? Download these tipsheets

One of the most important objectives of this blog is to share beneficial knowledge and advice – whether that comes from experts or just my own (or other people’s) experience. For prospective hujjaaj who are going this year, it can be hectic getting your logistical stuff sorted out, making the social arrangements for your departure… More Leaving for Hajj soon? Download these tipsheets