Courage and creativity

For those not working in a field they’re super passionate about, having the outlet to express yourself creatively is a source of great joy and fulfillment. And when struck by impostor syndrome or doubts, it’s key to look within and remember why you do what you do…what your output means to *you*. Continue reading

Know your Lord (part 4): The One Who Responds

Al Mujeeb

We live in a world of means. And the Qur’an tells us to utilize our means, as those means were made available to us by Allah (swt). But we sometimes forget that du`a’, calling on Allah (swt) sincerely, is one of those means. Sometimes it is the only means, and at other times it is one of many means that is required to reach an end goal. We do not simply download a job application without filling it in and then expect to get the job. So just like certain steps are required to achieve an end goal, du`a’ is also one of those steps. Continue reading