Book 2: Reliance

Here’s another piece from the book I’m hoping to publish. (See previous pieces and updates at this link.)

Dedicated to those waiting for ‘the one’:


They tell you to be patient.
They say your time will come:
what is meant to be will be;

And all that lies between now and then
is a trial of Faith,
a lesson in patience,
a Revelation of your ultimate reliance on the One.

You seek that which, you feel, will complete your heart;
complement your mind;
bring lasting comfort to your soul.

You wish for the bond of love and tranquility,
placed between your hearts;
you yearn for the one who will be a garment to you,
and you fulfilling the same blessed purpose for them.

You dream of a future,
a life no longer alone.
A companion to share with you all the ectasy and agony you will face within your journey.
Someone who will walk with you,
side by side,
hand in hand,
down the beautiful path that leads back the One to Whom we belong,
the One to Whom is our return.

And though you will face that Day alone,
your bond – and all it manifested itself as – gives you hope
that, together, you were each other’s helping hand.

You enjoined what was good,
and forbade what was evil;
You had a common goal – a beautiful goal;
and the support of each other was your safety net:
you had a home in their arms,
and when they held you,
nothing could harm you –

For you were right where you were destined to be,
wrapped in the love of the one who you held so dear,

and the two of you,
wrapped in the Love of the One Who brought your souls into existence,
then shaped you over time – through pain and joy, preparing you for the pure, everlasting union that was always in existence – though you did not know it until it came to your senses:
manifested itself in front of your eyes.

He alone, you worshipped;
He alone, you asked for help.

And though, at times, you grew frustrated,
wondering when the help would come;
when it would be your turn –
in truth, the Help was always there.

It was just for you to accept –
with your heart and your mind,
beyond the superficial rhetoric –
that everything has its appointed time.

So on that Day,
as you stand before Him,
you do so in the knowledge that your lives,
your souls,
though beginning separated;
were brought together at the appointed time.

And all that came before was not a waste –
on the contrary,
it was a treasure chest:
a collection of thoughts, feelings, experiences;
all part of your preparation.

Yet you did not see it that way,
in your haste to attain that which you so cherished.

But the past has passed,
and all is put into perspective now.

And though we cannot conceive what awaits us in the Hereafter
– for Paradise begins where the imagination ends –
we know who we wish to share it with.

So, look past the immediacy of these moments without them;
and remember what awaits you in your future.

Take lessons from the past.
Be thankful for the present.
Be hopeful for the future.

Seek help in patience and prayer;
ask of Him Who is of infinite bounty.

Tell Him all that you fear,
all that you dream of,
all that you want;

Open up to Him and pour out every ounce of the hurt you feel.
Let it all go.

For when you have done so,
when your troubles have been released,
you will be brought back to the truth and comfort of your ultimate reliance on the One:
your Eternal Companion; closer than you can imagine.

Keep the faith, always.

Date written:

April 2007


This came at the peak of my quest for marriage – comprehensively capturing what was, at the time, my most significant personal journey. These were years of loneliness, struggle, and relentless pursuit of my most treasured dream of the time. A dream which wasn’t about the physical fulfillment of desires. It was deeper. It was psychological, emotional…spiritual.

I wrote this not only for myself, but on behalf of the many others that I knew – and those I didn’t know – who were on the same quest; struggling through the same journey towards a goal that was so cherished, yet always agonisingly out of reach.

Part of the piece takes a future view: imagining us having found our soulmates, and then having fulfilled our dreams in this world, then arriving on Judgement Day and looking back at the struggle –seeing the bigger picture of our life’s journeys. How the difficulty of the single days was merely a purposeful period that was building us up to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

It ends with connection to the Almighty via prayer – supplication – because despite all our own efforts, and despite all the help others might give us (or withhold from us), nothing… NOTHING… happens unless by His Will. And the comfort lies in knowing that He has always been with you, is always there for you, and is the only One you can truly and completely open up to – on every level of your existence, with every fibre of your being. And when you release everything – just let it all go – you take comfort in knowing that you are completely and utterly reliant on Him.

This piece remains my absolute favourite of all time, and it’s one that I hope continues to give solace and hope to those who are struggling to find their soulmate.