Let it Flow: the beginning

Front cover

From an early age, I loved reading. It was my favourite pastime: the thrill of delving into other worlds…the words on a page coming to life. Naturally, this progressed to an affinity for creative writing. Teachers would compliment my work and encourage me to write outside of school. Though I appreciated those kind words, I didn’t see myself pursuing it as a career. I believed that a writer’s livelihood depended on inspiration and creativity – gifts which I couldn’t take for granted. So, at the age of seven, the threat of writer’s block killed what may have become a career in writing. Continue reading

It’s not for everyone…but it might just be for you

As humans, we relate to each other through sharing experiences. Sometimes, if we can convey our experiences and ideas well enough – through a story, a poem, or a thoughtful reflection – the one who receives gains far more than just knowledge, or a temporary thrill. As a reader, you are inspired. Encouraged. The words resonate with you on a deeper level. You *feel*. Continue reading