My precious

Solitude. Seclusion. Divorce from the stresses and rigours of life, with an escape to the true reality of existence. Moments that are so rare, yet so precious. Moments that you need to force yourself into, because if you don’t push for them, you simply won’t get them. I speak, here, of i’tikaaf – the voluntary seclusion in … More My precious

Setting the bar

With each Ramadan, you (hopefully) feel a sense of hope. A renewal of imaan. Another chance to reset and delve deep into your inner being – your soul, your heart, and your relationship with your Creator. The culmination, for many, is Laylatul Qadr, wherein you have the ultimate opportunity to beg for anything your heart desires. But all … More Setting the bar

Looking forward

The first week of Ramadan has flown by, and quite soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to the opening 10 days – which is the period of Allah’s Mercy. By now, we should be feeling that mercy; and embracing it by taking advantage of these precious moments we have in a month unlike any other. Whether … More Looking forward


Knock knock. Who’s there? You know who. That annual visitor, who comes around to remind you of how strong you really are. Who brings with him an abundance of God’s mercy and forgiveness. Whose presence marks a period of tremendously increased reward; where each good deed counts many times over, and every bad one brings … More Reset