A winter getaway

A getaway from the pressures of life,
a time to take in the splendour
of nature’s ever-lively presents:
the bubbling of frogs in the long grass beneath,
the subtle tweeting of birds,
the psithurism of the trees’ worship –
swaying ever so gently
by the permission of their Lord. Continue reading

The Drop

A single drop sits on my window, surrounded by many others, as the rain lashes down on this Winter morning. I want to take in this moment. Be still. Be present. Empty my mind completely. No reflections on anything, nor thoughts of the human world that will enter my consciousness when I leave this seat. I want to just stop and focus on this one, physical entity in front of me: this drop on my window… Continue reading


At this time of year, we take out our heaters, blankets, thermals. We prepare ourselves for months of cold, wet and difficult conditions.

But while we do this, and while we may suffer from the cold, we must remember that there are many out there who suffer a lot worse than we do in these cold days and nights. There are those who live in run down homes, shacks and informal dwellings. Worse still, some are homeless. Continue reading