Rise, Rise.
The dawning of a new day.

Suburbs lay quiet,
resting under the blanket of morning clouds,
only the tree tops and buildings remain visible.

Morning flights, begin slowly.
Birds alone, birds in flocks.
People in flocks, gathered in the single, man-made vehicle of flight.

Doves coo, while the geese,
University residents they are,
pass by,
unmistakable by their crude callings.

Cars increase, taxis begin their day.
The hum of humanity
makes its way back to prominence.

The world turns,
people awaken,
busyness soon to return.

Yet for all the activity of mankind,
nature remains – as its always been – constant,
and peaceful.

On the horizon,
from behind the silhouette of mountains,
the big orange ball of fire peeks out:
growing bigger – more visible -with each passing second.

Warmth and light,
at first in its infancy,
but within the hour, elevated above the clouds,
growing stronger and radiant.

May this day be the beginning:
the beginning of a new chapter.

The leaving behind of much that has shackled you to stagnation.
The departure from futile occupations.

With this rising,
may you rise above the murky waters of your past,
may you be elevated beyond who you are,
to who you are becoming.

May the Light of this day – this start,
be accompanied by Truth, Courage, Wisdom and opportunity.

For this day has come with all those things,
and all you have to do is look deep within yourself,
and recognise the capabilities that have been planted in your very being.

On this day,
may the Peace and Blessings of the Almighty be with you,
stay with you,
and shine through you.

The day has begun.

7 thoughts on “Rise

  1. thanx everyone.

    the pic wasn’t mine. i had one, but thought this was better. after all, i was getting tired of putting pix up of sunrise from my balcony. (if u can call it that)

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