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Winter is…

Posted by Yacoob on June 27, 2007


     The bareness of trees               Howling winds


     Winter sun, inviting the contrast of bitter cold, but shining warmth


                   The pitter patter of raindrops


       Or a collective gush…            when you’re caught in the rain


The droplets of water, adorning each branch like precious, pure fingertips


And the marvel of how such a powerful downpour can leave such delicate results

(Winter is also a time when many people can barely survive the cold. So with that in mind, please also read the post:

8 Responses to “Winter is…”

  1. irshaad said

    im sure u know about the snow in jozi…really inspiring stuff…will upload neat pics of it on my blog…

  2. Dreamlife said

    heard about it, and a friend of mine took pix. isn’t that like, the 2nd time in 20 years it snowed there?

  3. Muhammad said

    slms boet,

    winter rocks. i finally did the tag thing you tagged me on in march.. 5 things you didnt know… lol I know I’m out of touch.. keep blogging. I love your stuff.


  4. alia said

    ‘the marvel of how such a powerful downpour can leave such a delicate result’ -wow. this is beautiful-the pics and the photo-narrative.

  5. Dreamlife said

    thanx people – i loved this set as well :)

    it’s a shame i couldn’t put the full size pix up – these are reduced and so they lose a bit of the quality :(

  6. Priya said

    beautiful words and pics

  7. shafinaaz said

    hey there

    this is soooooooo pretty.. like two poems walking hand-in-hand.. one in words and one in pics :)

    pretty and delicate! a masterpiece..

  8. Dreamlife said

    thank u :)

    haven’t done many of those – but i’m thinking photo essays are something i may do more of in future.

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