Gone Too Soon

The days go by slowly,
the nights too fast,
in this month of physical fasting,
yet spiritual feasting.

“Begin with the end in mind,” they say,
and though it’s still early,
I feel the weight
of Ramadaan’s inevitable passing:
the loss of a treasured friend;
an annual visitor
who brings so much more
than we could ever give back.

Though we try to remain God-conscious
in our daytime exertions,
mental and physical fatigue sets in,
as we drag ourselves through sunlight hours.

But when that Lamp falls
below the horizon,
and we celebrate the completion
of another day’s sacrifice,
our spirits come alive again:
bodies join in congregation,
standing for an hour or two,
a sacred union,
before our Lord,
Most Merciful,
Most Kind.

He Who teaches us,
through 30 days of abstinence,
that we are stronger than we know;
that suppression of the base desires
automatically elevates the soul.

And we complement this
with litanies of Remembrance:
words of praise,
Divine Speech –
uttered on these unworthy tongues,
and supplications from the depths of our hearts
for everything we need,
and all we desire –
humbly begging
the Only One
Who can fulfill our requests.

Schedules transformed,
Life put back into perspective,
we strive for all that is good,
racking up rewards
we hope to see in our accounts
on That Day,
when the superficial pursuits of this world
turn to scattered dust,
and all that remains
are sincere deeds done for Noble Intentions.

The finite grains of Time slip through the hourglass,
and the clock keeps ticking.
Seconds become minutes,
hours turn to days,
and weeks evaporate into the abyss
of Life we’ll never get back.

May we recognise
and make full use
of Ramadaan’s immense blessings,
squeeze out every drop of goodness,
while the days and nights still stretch far ahead of us.

May we be ever conscious
of its slow departure,
and recommit to our lofty intentions,
lest we lose our opportunity,
and wake up with regret
when it’s too late,
bidding farewell
to a month
Gone Too Soon.

“You are nothing but a number of days,
and whenever a day passes away,
a part of you passes away.”
                          - Hasan al-Basri

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