A few signs from my recent trip to the Middle East:

Top left: A sign warning Hujaaj against begging. The English isn’t too great, but you get the message.

Top right: A fast food place near the Haram in Makkah, catering for pilgrims not so well off (of which there were many). To give you an idea, the prices quoted there are in Saudi Riyals, and one riyal is worth just over 2 South African Rands.

Middle left: No explanation needed. But despite fine efforts like this, it seems that smoking is still big in the country.

Middle right: I don’t know why, but I have a strange liking for this advert. I don’t know exactly what it’s advertising, but one of the logos on the poster is for the Saudi mobile operator Mobily.

Bottom left: Taken in Cairo, referencing the revolution that took place in Egypt a year ago.

Bottom right: Taken in Palestine, referencing the Palestinian attempt to gain recognition at the United Nations late last year.

2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. The one you do not understand says: Don’t take other’s rights. I believe it is something to do with people who do not have correct permissions/visa for Hajj but still go for it.

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